Congregational Church of Chico
United Church of Christ

About Us

Our Pastor

Our current pastor, Jim Peck, began his ministry with us in May, 2008. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Jim worked in politics and government before going to United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. He graduated from UTS with a Master of Divinity in 1999 and served a church in Minnesota before coming to Chico.

Jim enjoys the teaching and preaching work of a pastor, as well as planning and leading worship. He is especially interested in how the visual arts can enrich our spiritual journeys and teach us about ourselves, our world, and our relationship to God. He enjoys visiting with people of all ages.

His sermons are always connected to a reading from the Bible. "I believe the Bible is an inexhaustible resource for our lives," he says. "But the Bible is only one resource for knowing God and living with each other. In the UCC, we also rely on the historic teachings and practices of the church, our own experiences as human beings, the application of our minds through reason to the questions we have, and sharing together as a community. These five things - the Bible, tradition, experience, reason, and community - are all important sources for our spiritual journeys."

You can contact Jim at or (530) 342-4913. He is always glad to engage in a conversation about, well, just about anything.

What I love about this church

Bruce & Debbie Grelle

"Because its preaching is informed by recent scholarship, it is committed to the pursuit of peace and justice, and it's a warm and caring community of people."

Bruce Grelle   

"I love the people. They are all so warm and friendly. Our pastor gives wonderful sermons, full of spirit."

Debbie Grelle